Rebranding De Bruyn Metaal

Recently we worked together with Mula advertising agency on rebranding De Bruyn Metaal. For us, ‘rebranding’ was a concept that did not ring many bells until about nine months ago. How different things are now! We started with ‘repositioning’ De Bruyn Metaal, by defining our communication strategy together with Mula. Many words on paper, interesting, but not hugely exciting. How this changed during the creative translation; a new logo, catchy pay-off, striking corporate images, a new website, lettering of our fleet, in- and outdoor signage, a corporate brochure and many ‘other’ parts have been revamped and lifted to a higher (more beautiful) level. The (end)result is great.


Our new visual identity is included, including a compelling brand promise; De Bruyn Metaal, the mentality you are looking for. A promise that is nothing new to us but is described by Mula as ’the’ corporate DNA of De Bruyn Metaal. We couldn’t agree more. Because our new brand promise is really what we want to convey. In the market, but also when it comes to recruiting new staff. You could say that De Bruyn Metaal is now completely ready, but nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone will be seeing and hearing a lot more from us in the near future. One thing is certain; no need to search any longer.